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  • Blast From the Past: Biases and Assumptions

    Blast From the Past: Biases and Assumptions

    I don’t recall when I wrote this. I still like it.  We are all biased. I’m not only talking about right-leaning, or left-leaning, but many other flavors of assumptions as well. This was brought home to me a couple of times over the last week, and I decided I’d explore the concept here, although it…

  • Casting Doubts

    Casting Doubts

    Ha! whaur ye gaun, ye crowlin ferlie?  Your impudence protects you sairly;  I canna say but ye strunt rarely,  Owre gauze and lace;  Tho’, faith! I fear ye dine but sparely  On sic a place.  Ye ugly, creepin, blastit wonner,  Detested, shunn’d by saunt an’ sinner,  How daur ye set your fit upon her-  Sae fine a lady?  Gae somewhere else and seek your dinner  On some poor body. —Robert Burns…

  • International Book Week

    International Book Week

    There’s a little meme that pops up on Facebook every so often. I have no idea if it really is International Book Week, but I thought it would be fun to grab some of the oddball books floating around the office and leave some random sentences here on the blog. What I am doing differently,…