LibertyCon 28 AAR

I have covered some of this in previous posts, so you know that we arrived on Thursday at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. We arrived at noon, intending to link up with the rest of the wedding party participants but with missed communications instead spent some wonderful time hanging out Jonna Hayden (thank you so much for… Read More LibertyCon 28 AAR

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A Small Resolution

So my problem with Gotprint was resolved. Sort of. They never admitted they had done anything wrong. There was no apology, nor any attempt to help me get the materials I needed. Instead, several days after my initial contact with them, there was a bland and confusingly-worded email offering me a discount or free reprint.… Read More A Small Resolution


Review: Shadow Hands

Since I had so little time for reading this week, I settled for reviewing a short story. David Pascoe’s tale, Shadow Hands, suffers from an unfortunate cover, but an accurate title. The mysterious hands are everywhere Melody Devereaux goes, reaching out of any shadows and in the darkness they grow bold. She sees them and… Read More Review: Shadow Hands


LibertyCon 26 AAR

I wrote this late last night, after a 6 hour drive, after a morning spent conversing and saying good-bye… what I’m saying is, it may be slightly incoherent, and I will doubtless want to add more later to it. Home from LibertyCon 26, in Chattanooga TN. We put a thousand miles on the little car… Read More LibertyCon 26 AAR


A Baen Barfly

I created this graphic for t-shirts for my best friend and I to wear to LibertyCon 25. I’m posting it here for Lin and Cliff… feel free to grab and use as you want!