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Small Worlds

Every time, it seems, and I am acutely aware this may just be my own perception from inside this thick skull of mine… every time I am ready to stretch my wings and go places, do things, something happens. I think there’s a reason It’s a Wonderful Life resonates with people. I know I’m not… Read More Small Worlds


Musing on Motherhood

I’ve been a mother for a little over twenty-four years, now. I say a little over, as I gave birth to my first child just about twenty-four years ago at the time of the post, and I was certainly a mother even before she arrived into the cold January of a New England winter. My… Read More Musing on Motherhood


Status Check

It’s Monday, and I’m sitting at the desk feeling like my brain is oozing out through my tearducts. Not really, it’s the congestion causing me to weep gently and constantly. You see, it rained…  Which is a good thing and I’m very grateful it did. I love that I can plant a fall garden, and… Read More Status Check

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Pottery and Willow

Nine years. Happy Anniversary, my beloved First Reader. You had no idea what you were getting, did you? At the end of a long drive, when we walked over the threshold of a little house in OH, I was only beginning to upend your life in so many ways.  It’s been a good time. Let’s… Read More Pottery and Willow


Big Purses

“I’m going to pack my small purses,” I was holding a red one, about the size of two hardback books cover to cover.  He eyes it, and grins a little. “That’s only a small purse to you, my love.”  “Relative to my usual?” I gesture at my Bag of Holding, on the table nearby.  I… Read More Big Purses


Seven-League Boots

The problem isn’t that I don’t have the time, some days. It’s that I don’t have the focus. I can write – I sat down and pounded out the 600 words on Mother’s Little Helper last night in about thirty minutes after griping at the First Reader about how I didn’t want to write something… Read More Seven-League Boots


It gets a little fuzzy

The borders between home and sleeping-place are ill-defined and will be for a while. I’ll report in from home later today – Friday evening livestream! Catch me at 6 pm central from the front porch of Home. Last weekend I evidently messed up the settings and that brief video vanished into the aether, sorry about… Read More It gets a little fuzzy


Ready to go Home

Yesterday I didn’t procrastinate my morning away. This morning, I’m thanking my past self for her consideration. The kitchen is clean, the living area is tidy, and last night I collapsed into a made bed. I do need to run a load of laundry, but it’s not pressing. I’m free to relax. Which is what… Read More Ready to go Home


Buckle Up Buttercup

This last period of my life has been a rollercoaster. From being told just about six weeks ago to anticipate being unemployed in a month with my company closing, to landing a new job yesterday. You may have heard the ‘bing!’ of my being told I should feel free to move about the country. That… Read More Buckle Up Buttercup


One Meatball

I should be prepping for tonight’s livestream, but frankly I’m run dry on ideas. Which is a little strange because usually I’m full of them. Right up until I sit down to write, that is. I sat here for the last ten minutes messing around with an art program trying to come up with something… Read More One Meatball


Two Thumbs

Typing with my thumbs tends to devolve to a thumb and forefinger. Something about that works better than both thumbs. Dexterity? Motor control? Not really sure.  Regardless, I am working on my phone and this is an interesting exercise. I could pull out my tiny Bluetooth keyboard, but I am at work and, well, trying… Read More Two Thumbs