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  • Short Bites

    Short Bites

      I don’t have time for a post this morning. So I’ll throw a couple of interesting tidbits here, and maybe manage a whole post later. Or not.  First, this story really gets me. I grew up in the Frozen North. I know just how close to death these people came. All I can say…

  • Saturday Morning link roundup

    Saturday Morning link roundup

    A few of the things that caught my eye on the internet this week… A very unusual book. It’s not a self-published memoir, but one published by a chemical company? And a fascinating glimpse into the world of chemistry in a time when things were very very different than they are now. Recklessness, determination, and…

  • Dashing out the Door

    Dashing out the Door

    I’ll leave you all a link to MGC and the Visual Art article. And one to a book review of a book that made me blink and use unladylike words. And of course, this article about books people WANT to read, and why, goes with the above.