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Something Nutty

The other day I was getting ready for work and hustling the kids out the door for school when I found a nut on my desk. Since it hadn’t been there only moments before, and my desk was actually clean (temporarily. That’s never a state that lasts long in my office) I knew that one… Read More Something Nutty


The Rose’s Name

A rose by any other name… I chose not to legally change my name when the First Reader and I were wed. There were reasons for this, and what seemed like good ones – I did want to take his name, but I have an established professional career with my maiden name, plus the hassle… Read More The Rose’s Name


Pre-Dawn Calm

As part of the new routine, the First Reader and I have found a new time to spend together. Before I have to be on the road for work – and the sun doesn’t come up until after I am in windowless labs for the day, which makes walking outside at lunchtime an interesting experience… Read More Pre-Dawn Calm

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Mother’s Day

It’s the day we celebrate motherhood. I am a mother myself, and I find that today I am remembering those first months of motherhood, before the birth, when I was trying my best to prepare as much as possible for what was coming. I couldn’t possibly prepare myself, but I tried, reading books, talking to… Read More Mother’s Day


Committing Poetry Again

I don’t do it often, but I’m recovering from something that knocked me flat yesterday, probably fatigue related, as it has been an incredibly long week-or-so. I tend to get sick when I run the tank too low. Fortunately, the fever broke in the night, so I’m on the mend. But the brain functions are… Read More Committing Poetry Again