Bounce, bounce, bounce

Wheeee….  *doppler effect*  Excited artist running through, waving tablet, paintbrush thrust through her twisted-up knot of hair.  I have a new toy! If you want to see more of my work, check it out at MidJourney. All of these were generated using a text prompt through the AI. I haven’t done anything to them in… Read More Bounce, bounce, bounce


Practicing Art

I’ve been doing daily art for six years now. It’s been interesting to look back and see my long, slow evolution of style, tools, and approach to color, lines, and much more. I’m still not where I can pull an image out of my head and render it perfectly on the page, and likely I… Read More Practicing Art


Tired Art: How-to

First, you try to do far too much, and get yourself to the point where all you really want to do is sleep but first, art. More seriously, this technique is what I do if I’m sick, or exhausted, but I want to keep to my daily San Check of making a piece of art… Read More Tired Art: How-to

Art, Human Wave

Planning Ahead

I have to admit, a friend’s comment elsewhere caught my attention and kind of sums up how I feel right now. Like there are storm clouds looming on the horizon, and I’m bracing for the gust front to swirl through the yard, tossing leaves high into the air… Doom is falling. It just hasn’t landed… Read More Planning Ahead



  Last month I did a no-ink drawing challenge, N’Inktober. This month I am looking forward to color! I asked friends and fans to contribute their favorite colors, and added those to the surplus prompt words (and phrases) I was given for the October challenge. This I then translated to hexadecimal, and that into colors… Read More Huevember

Art, science


We are all the products of our DNA, and in my opinion, each and every one of us is a work of art. Uniquely beautiful in our own way, from the color of our eyes, to the curve of an earlobe, to the way you walk. But while this is the way DNA is intended… Read More DNA Ink


Dragon Tears

This is probably the most ambitious art project I’ve ever taken on. Maybe. But it’s made me happy to work on it at odd moments between really frustrating Linux assignments where we aren’t given vital information and… growllll So I art for relaxation and dive back into the fray. I know this isn’t good as… Read More Dragon Tears

Art, Photos

Art Manipulation

I have the tendency when I’m bored and have a few minutes to kill, to read. If I’m not in the mood to read, I tinker with the apps on my tablet or phone. Since I’m not really a gamer (there are exceptions, and if I could find certain board games on the app store,… Read More Art Manipulation

Cover Art, writing

Covers and Writing

My #indiepublishing how-to contribution over at Mad Genius Club today is covers, specifically how to judge, find, and use art suitable for an ebook cover (planning ahead for print, as well).  Although this is a topic I’ve covered a few times (heh) this year, we continue to get questions about it, so I’ve done it… Read More Covers and Writing