Writing Life

I woke up this morning with a start. I hadn’t written my weekly Mad Genius post. So I hopped out of bed, grabbed my tablet, and went back to bed. There, I propped myself on my pillow and wrote for a bit less than an hour. Sheer decadence, if you think about it. The First… Read More Writing Life


The Dreaded M-Word

Crossposted from Amazing Stories:  A recent conversation about self and independent publishing led to me voicing my thoughts on what to do once the book is released. This will also hold true even for the traditionally published, as the publishers provide them with less and less support. We must be able to be businessmen, not… Read More The Dreaded M-Word


Another Reason

But on a different topic. I read Kristin Kathryn Rusch’s blog regularly, and today it really caught my attention. She takes on why self-publish? and handles that topic masterfully, based on her wide experience. I am still a newbie to this, but she sums up why I’ve chosen the arguably more difficult path. I am… Read More Another Reason