Blog Move

Hey all! I’m announcing exciting news! The blog, in all it’s randomness, is moving solely to Substack. The website will still be here, but the look will change in the next week or so, and the blog archive will be behind a static page for me the author and artist. I hope you join me… Read More Blog Move



The sound you make when you hit the wall.  I’m trying not to wear myself out. Trying really hard. It’s just there are a lot of moving parts and I seem to be getting less sleep even though I’m lying down obediently at bedtime and getting up… ok, last couple of mornings I was already… Read More Wubbuda

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April Whirlwind

The chaos is upon me. Boxes fill the living area. We hadn’t intended to start packing up the kitchen and pantry this soon, to be honest. With the ability to stage the move from apartment to house in a somewhat leisurely manner, we’d planned for… more time. But the apartment complex sent notice that tomorrow… Read More April Whirlwind


Too Much

That moment when you find yourself with so much to do, and so little time, not to mention mental energy, that you are sitting in front of the bookshelf indulging in a little light research instead of doing anything else. Even the research is kinda useless, because there’s no writing brain. The writing brain has… Read More Too Much

Ok here's what were gonna do


  The blog will continue to be largely dormant for another week or three.  You see, we are having an Adventure. Which, to be honest, are usually best observed while happening to someone else, far away. However, there comes a time in life when you simply must pull yourself up by the rootball and make… Read More Dormancy


The New House

We went over to the new place today, and I finally got the photos of the inside I’ve been promising. Not a lot, since we were more interested in documenting issues (we’re renting, and a record of what it looked like when we moved in is important) and measuring rooms prior to hauling furniture. Since… Read More The New House