Readers take Note

  It’s going to be a busy day here at the Nut House. Sounds of drilling already emanate from the closet, and the dishwasher is singing it’s song in the kitchen. So in lieu of a sensible essay type-post, you get a glimpse into my reading habits of late. Some old, some new… all of… Read More Readers take Note


Anthologies Galore!

  This last year was weird, and good, and, well, weird. I wrote a lot more than you all saw from me, but I couldn’t talk about it. Now, finally, I can start to reveal some of the secret projects. Three of them, to be specific. I don’t think there was any planning in this,… Read More Anthologies Galore!


Free Novella

Ending today: free read! If you’ve already read it, do me a big favor and pass it on to someone else who’d enjoy it?  Morning There was a snowflake on her eyeball. It sparkled a little as I bent over her, close, but not too close, lest I should thaw it with the warmth of… Read More Free Novella

Books, Review

Book Reviews!

Looking for something to read? I’ve got a few fun suggestions, and one that you may want to avoid. The covers are clickable links if you want to learn more about any title. And I’ve done something a little different with the reviews, for those of you who are Indie Authors and read my blog.… Read More Book Reviews!