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From lab experiment to artwork: the journey of a humble fruit fly. Today in our last hands-on molecular techniques lab, we were counting flies. But first, we put them to sleep. Not permanently! No, we knocked them out (eventually. Perky little buggers) with an odd-smelling FlyNap, and then we tipped them onto paper and counted… Read More Drosophilia


Dragon Tears

This is probably the most ambitious art project I’ve ever taken on. Maybe. But it’s made me happy to work on it at odd moments between really frustrating Linux assignments where we aren’t given vital information and… growllll So I art for relaxation and dive back into the fray. I know this isn’t good as… Read More Dragon Tears


Brushstrokes II

The continuing work I’m doing for Inktober, and my own amusement. Several people have encouraged me to consider doing a children’s book, for now I’m holding off on that simply because I haven’t got a story… I’m sure that will change if I think about it long enough. Art is easy to formulate in my… Read More Brushstrokes II

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Watercolored Snow

I’m still much more comfortable painting on skin, but I’m pleased with how this one came out. For one thing, I had an image in my head, and I got really darn close to reproducing it on paper. Which is strangely fulfilling. For another, this is an upwelling of missing my walks in the woods,… Read More Watercolored Snow