Art: Taking the next step

This last semester I took a drawing class and enjoyed it immensely. I know that in addition to giving me some sanity time where I could create and switch from science brain to art brain, I did improve my drawing skills. Drawing 1 would more correctly have been called Observational Drawing, and it was a… Read More Art: Taking the next step


State of the Art

I was thinking about art this morning. I have so many options. I’ve got my 7″ android tablet, which has nifty drawing apps, and a capacitive paintbrush I bought, although I still prefer my own fingertips on that. I have a pentablet, not an expensive one, but it still amazes me what I can do… Read More State of the Art


Traveler’s Travails

The last few times I’ve flown, the TSA has been peculiarly interested in my hair. I normally wear it twisted up in a bun and secured with a clip or hairsticks. I actually asked about the hairsticks one time, as they are hardened teak, sharp, and could readily become a weapon. I was told they… Read More Traveler’s Travails


Digital Art

On the art front, I haven’t had a whole lot of time. I messed around with a new painting program a little the last few days, and perhaps in time I’ll be able to do nifty stuff with it – it has huge potential – but for now, well, I’m all thumbs. Part of that… Read More Digital Art


Desk Sweepings

It’s been a busy week, and it isn’t over yet. I’m falling behind on my writing schedule, which means that I shall write a short bit here, then accomplish breakfast, kiss my First Reader goodbye as he heads out to work… and take myself offline to do at least 3000 words. I think I can… Read More Desk Sweepings