Home and New Year

I’m back up and running. Well, jogging along. I suppose. Travel takes it out of me, and this trip was a great visit, but I got home exhausted. After falling asleep yesterday afternoon and sleeping for twelve hours straight, I feel human again today. Which is good, because I have a ton of stuff that… Read More Home and New Year

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Planning ahead

I have a little art project in mind for the first 100 days of 2023. I’d run across the idea through an artist friend, so it’s hardly original. But it looks like a lot of fun, and after nearly all of 2022 was focused on black and white line art, and digital, to boot, I’m… Read More Planning ahead


It gets a little fuzzy

The borders between home and sleeping-place are ill-defined and will be for a while. I’ll report in from home later today – Friday evening livestream! Catch me at 6 pm central from the front porch of Home. Last weekend I evidently messed up the settings and that brief video vanished into the aether, sorry about… Read More It gets a little fuzzy


Sowing Seeds

  Don’t forget! This evening, over on my channel, I’ll be chatting live at 7:30 pm EST. I’ve been told the most reliable way to remember is to click the notification bell when you subscribe to the channel. Up to you – if you follow that link you will find all the older videos I’ve… Read More Sowing Seeds


Small Successes

  Small successes build into larger ones, and so on ad infinitum. Well… maybe not to infinity. But at least until the end of the timeline of our lives. Even at the low points, when we feel that we have failed, there is some small success. It’s just that you can’t always see it. We… Read More Small Successes



  First of all, if you are in search of creative ideas, you might wander over to More Odds Than Ends and find a spare prompt that tickles your fancy. I’m not sure where the fancy is located – maybe it’s different for everyone? Regardless, there’s sure to be one that does it. And you… Read More Ideas

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Short Rambles

I would like to have a day off in April. If all goes to plan, Sunday is that day. It’s been a long, long month and we still have a third of it to go. Not that it’s been uneventful! We signed on the house Wednesday. I’m devoting my art sales money for the rest… Read More Short Rambles

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You know what I mean – when there is so much that needs to be done, and such tight deadlines, that you feel your guts knot up into a giant stressball. You can’t sleep, you forget to eat until it’s so bad you’re weaving on your feet. You can’t focus, because your thoughts are racing in… Read More Stressball

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Invincible, Immortal

  I’ve been contemplating mortality recently. We’re all immortal. Until we aren’t. My husband and I have talked about immortality – it’s sort of inevitable, given that I write science fiction and fantasy, and those are common tropes in the fiction we read. I also read science papers that deal with combating aging – finding… Read More Invincible, Immortal