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  • Tools and Toys

    Tools and Toys

    I went to the post office this morning, dragging my dear First Reader along for company. I was going because I’d checked to see where a box I’d ordered was – my supplier is very reliable and fast, so I knew it wasn’t her – and discovered that the USPS had attempted delivery (in the…

  • Hush, Puppies, Hush

    Hush, Puppies, Hush

    Sad Puppies, hush. Sad Puppies, don’t you cry. Sad Puppies, we’ll tell you a story, and there will be heroes to cheer for, and damsels who can’t be bothered to be distressed, and worlds to wonder and amaze. Sad Puppies, don’t hang your heads and cry. Hush Puppies For snacking while reading the latest adventure…