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  • Odd Prompts: Wonderland Snippet

    Odd Prompts: Wonderland Snippet

        This story is coming out in dribs and drabs. I’ll continue to put up the bits with prompt responses in them. Unfortunately Indian Summer is also giving me the allergies. So my brain, she is not what she should be.  Wonderland Johns was staring at the derelict car.  “What is it?” Shelby asked. …

  • Wonderland: Part 2

    Wonderland: Part 2

      Following up with last week’s prompt response, I have another part of that story, which now has a title. This one is going to be a bit darker and grittier than my usual.  Part 2 “What’s the matter, Shelb?” John’s plopped the file down on her desk. “You know, for a paperless office, we…