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  • Steam-Powered Postcards and an Open Call

    Steam-Powered Postcards and an Open Call

    The second of the Postcards anthologies is live! Steam-Powered Postcards has twenty-two fifty-word stories, each of them facing their prompt image that inspired the author to create them. I had a hand in many of the illustrations for this book, and I’m delighted at how the entries turned out. For one thing, there’s a story…

  • Steam-Powered Postcards

    Steam-Powered Postcards

    While I am away from home this weekend, I’d love to send you a postcard. You can ask for an image in a comment here, or drop a line to me at cedarlila at gmail dot com, and I’ll send you a postcard! Then you can write a 50-word story about the picture, and submit…

  • Graphic Stuff

    Graphic Stuff

    I have a post up at the Mad Genius Club this morning. The First Reader will have a post up here later today.  And I’m not talking about describing the gory bits in gruesome detail. No, I had planned to do a walk-through tutorial today about creating a logo for your writing business. I hadn’t…