And still, Don’t Panic

  I’ve been debating the usefulness of yet another post about the coronavirus. The first one I made still feels relevant: handwashing, don’t panic. However, since events have escalated in the last few hours, it’s on my mind.  I’ll keep saying not to panic. I’d be saying that if the survivors were getting all bitey… Read More And still, Don’t Panic

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I ran when I was younger. (Now, it would probably kill me, but I digress). No, really! I may be short, and as my beloved husband describes my body shape, sturdy, but I could run. I wasn’t a sprinter, but I could endure for the long runs, and I preferred cross country running, usually barefooted.… Read More Hurdles

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I spent two hours this morning navigating snot-slick roads with rain, no, that’s snow, no, that’s rain, no… that’s sleet now… falling on us. Given that we were in a car with two-wheel drive, four wheels on far too little surface are on the road for my comfort under those conditions, and even though I… Read More Inertia

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You know what I mean – when there is so much that needs to be done, and such tight deadlines, that you feel your guts knot up into a giant stressball. You can’t sleep, you forget to eat until it’s so bad you’re weaving on your feet. You can’t focus, because your thoughts are racing in… Read More Stressball