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  • Pantry Organization

    Pantry Organization

    If you all are anything like me – and from the sounds of it, many of you are at least in this respect – you know and embrace the value of a fully loaded and operational pantry. The ability to provide for one’s family at the drop of a hat… or, more likely, during an…

  • Invincible, Immortal

    Invincible, Immortal

      I’ve been contemplating mortality recently. We’re all immortal. Until we aren’t. My husband and I have talked about immortality – it’s sort of inevitable, given that I write science fiction and fantasy, and those are common tropes in the fiction we read. I also read science papers that deal with combating aging – finding…

  • Simple Life: Handwashing Dishes

    Simple Life: Handwashing Dishes

    I’ve washed dishes by hand all my life. There was a dishwasher, once, but it was old and busted and eventually got used for storage. So I know the routine well, of standing there with your hands in hot soapy water and staring at the wall… and the dishes never end. You can wash them…