Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Everything

“I can’t do everything. I want to.” She angled her palms, as though she were pouring out water from them. “I can’t.”  “No one expects you to.” Ella reached for Bonnie’s hands. “John would be unhappy to see you like this.”  “I know. I’ve been cheerful when he’s called, but he said… he said last… Read More Odd Prompts: Everything

Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: To Arms

No one expected there to be red pandas in the Sussex Arms. Which was, of course, why they were there. Dan peered over his half-moon readers at them, his gray fringed head gleaming under the new LED lights everyone hated in the ancient pub.  There were two of them, and they were Shelby’s fault. She… Read More Odd Prompts: To Arms


Odd Prompts: Chloe Snip

  A snippet from the next Groundskeeper story, and my prompt challenge for the week. I’m gearing up the writing – frankly, we need the income. It was never supposed to take six months to complete this move, and two households drains even a decent reserve. So there will be publications rolling out from Sanderley… Read More Odd Prompts: Chloe Snip