A long story

Well, technically eleven thousand words still falls into short story range. But given that I wrote ten thousand of those words in the last three days, I’m pretty pleased with myself. I have the writing brain back online, and fully operational. Between delivering the Flipped Tropes anthology shorts, the Space Cowboys short, and now getting… Read More A long story


Too Much

That moment when you find yourself with so much to do, and so little time, not to mention mental energy, that you are sitting in front of the bookshelf indulging in a little light research instead of doing anything else. Even the research is kinda useless, because there’s no writing brain. The writing brain has… Read More Too Much


Emergency Books

  I’ve seen this meme thing floating around on social media for a while, now, but my friend Bill sent it to me last night, saying it reminded him of me. Since he’s seen what my library used to be… yeah. He’s not wrong! But it makes me happy, because I was that little girl… Read More Emergency Books


What are you Reading?

  Me? Well, I’ve finished a couple of good reads just recently, because no can brainy for writey, but reading is coming back online. That’s a good sign. I’ll write up full reviews soon…  But if I look at my Kindle app, I’ve got several going. I’m sure I’m not alone in mood reading, and… Read More What are you Reading?

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So Many Books

I was listening to a podcast at work, as I often do to occupy my mind while my fingers are busy with mindless tasks, and a line caught me ‘you can only read so many books in your life.’ The speaker then went on to recommend a documentary on Netflix. So instead of reading, you… Read More So Many Books

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I was listening to a podcast presenting a brief biography of Andrew Carnegie the other day, and although I’m somewhat familiar with the man, and very familiar with his legacy of libraries, I think the philosophy that led him to establish more than 2500 libraries bears repeating, and often. He believed that compiling knowledge in a… Read More Autodidactism


Forcing Fiction

Or: How to Coax your Brain into Cooperating This is a two-part post, in which the parts are related, but different techniques will work best. Actually, different techniques will work for each person, since we’re all motivated uniquely. There are, however, some human commonalities that I can tap into which might help spark an idea…… Read More Forcing Fiction