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  • Shear Points

    Shear Points

    When I was a girl, we went camping a lot. Usually as deep into the wildernesses of OR, CA, WA and later AK as we could get. I have glorious memories… but this is about the rocks. See, one of the ways my parents paid for the trips – and also something that entertained and…

  • Humans, Heck Yeah!

    Humans, Heck Yeah!

      Freefall gets it.    Humans are resilient. We will get through this. We’ve gotten through worse. 

  • Win the Game of Life

    Win the Game of Life

    They say you should never read the comments. They would be right, of course. But sometimes I stray unwary in where it should be safe. Which is where my rant button got triggered, hard. And I thought I’d write it down, at length, only maybe with less f’bombs than in my head. So this is…

  • Fighting for Breath

    Fighting for Breath

    I spilled something last night while I was trying to make dinner. As I laughed at the dog and grabbed the broom, telling her ‘you don’t want that’ I was struck by a thought. Not that long ago, I’d have melted down with this little setback. It wasn’t the frozen broccoli floret skittering across the…

  • Review: Captain Marvel

    Review: Captain Marvel

    I took the kids to see a movie last night. Normally I take them, drop them off, and come back later to get them. But this time they really wanted me to go, too. It’s a Marvel movie, which they know I appreciate, and as I told the Junior Mad Scientist later, the time approaches…

  • The Art and Purpose of Self Doubt

    The Art and Purpose of Self Doubt

    Wait, you’re thinking. What about crippling self-doubt? The sort of thing that freezes the creative brain in place like a deer in a spotlight until the moment has passed and we just can’t even? There’s an art to it? A purpose, even? Well, sure. Self-doubt is hand in hand with self-restraint, and discretion being the…

  • Why Different?

    Why Different?

    It’s different, he said. Good different or bad different? I queried curiously. Just different. I don’t know why you had to make chocolate cake different. I don’t know either. Because I could? Because I was curious and wanted to see what would happen if I baked a cake with S’mores flavored porter as the liquid?…

  • There is no Last Straw

    There is no Last Straw

    I’ve lived an interesting life. Those of you who know how to read that, can read between the lines and fill it in. The rest of you, I have a few words for. I don’t have time for more than a few, but I had to say this today, right now: There’s no last straw.…

  • Victoriously Boring

    Victoriously Boring

    You know, day-to-day life is pretty boring, if you think about it. Ok, my life is boring right now, in most spots. Sure, there’s excitement, and uncertainty, and the potential for joy and pain in every day. It’s like a roller coaster only you can’t see what’s coming and you can’t get off the ride.…

  • Rose-Colored Glasses

    Rose-Colored Glasses

    I have been accused of wearing rose-colored glasses by more than one person. I used to think this was a bad thing, but as I have gained perspective, I think I like my view of the world, and I’ll just keep these on, but thanks. Here’s the thing: resilience, persistence, and optimism are much more…

  • Bibliotherapy


    Bibliotherapy Mirror-posted from According to Hoyt this morning. Cedar Sanderson A meta-analysis of the utilization of, and reading recommendations for effective bibliotherapy in a non-clinical setting. Bibliotherapy is the use of reading to improve mental health, reduce anxiety, and increase ‘mindfulness.’ Firstly, what is mindfulness? Psychology Today defines it neatly. “Mindfulness is a state of…