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(links are affiliate links – if you buy through them, it supports this blog a little bit) The print version of the anthology is now available! Eleven stories about young folks having adventures, ranging from epic fantasy settings to space opera. The pivotal point of their lives is changing, but they have family, and that’s… Read More Books! Books!


Anthologies Galore!

  This last year was weird, and good, and, well, weird. I wrote a lot more than you all saw from me, but I couldn’t talk about it. Now, finally, I can start to reveal some of the secret projects. Three of them, to be specific. I don’t think there was any planning in this,… Read More Anthologies Galore!


Ice Dragon

This is a story I wrote about 6 years ago. I know it’s short, and doesn’t really have a resolution that might satisfy, but I also know I’m unlikely to revisit this world. I’m posting it because I’ve been tired and busy with real life and I thought some of you might enjoy this vignette.… Read More Ice Dragon

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Book Reviews!

Looking for something to read? I’ve got a few fun suggestions, and one that you may want to avoid. The covers are clickable links if you want to learn more about any title. And I’ve done something a little different with the reviews, for those of you who are Indie Authors and read my blog.… Read More Book Reviews!


Pre-Dawn Calm

As part of the new routine, the First Reader and I have found a new time to spend together. Before I have to be on the road for work – and the sun doesn’t come up until after I am in windowless labs for the day, which makes walking outside at lunchtime an interesting experience… Read More Pre-Dawn Calm

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Review Roundup

Today’s reviews are a diverse selection. No matter what your tastes, there is likely to be a pleaser in here! For a fun, flirty romantic short story, try Inappropriate Behavior. I designed the cover, and reading this wasn’t something I would have done normally, but I’m happy I took the chance. A contemporary romance with more… Read More Review Roundup