Back to School

No, not me. Yes, I’m planning on doing grad school. But that’s another time, another post… this is about my baby who just started highschool. He was sitting on my bed last night while I was working on paying bills and sorting paperwork, and he was talking excitedly to me about the extra credit his… Read More Back to School


Sharpening the Mind

I miss school. I didn’t think I would, but this week was the beginning of a new semester. One of my former classmates texted me on her way to classes that it wasn’t going to be the same without me. I sat there thinking about the classes I didn’t take, but would have liked to…… Read More Sharpening the Mind

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12 More Days

Twelve more days until the end. Class days, that is, and counting today, until I am finished with this long, strange journey that began four and a half years ago. Well, perhaps it began much, much further into the past. I’m not sure the degree I’m earning was even an option, back in August 1995… Read More 12 More Days


In the Briars

I made a comment on facebook the other day about how much fieldwork I have in classes this semester, and a week ago tomorrow I took a long ramble in the woods armed with camera and neck-knife, collecting specimens… and it was homework! One of my friends commented, laughing “don’t throw me into that br’er… Read More In the Briars

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Rambling in the Trees

When adding a dilutant to your coffee, you should check your cup to ensure that you have not already added your dilutant of choice. Given that this morning, mine was hot cocoa mix, I narrowly escaped death by chocolate. I’m sitting here checking my homework for two classes. In Molecular Techniques, I need to prepare… Read More Rambling in the Trees

Ok here's what were gonna do

One More Day

I’m still here, I’m just up to my elbows in study materials. Since I’m fairly sure that’s only interesting to me and a handful of other people in my class (none of whom read my blog) I’ve refrained from muttering about it too much. Tomorrow evening I have the last of the exams and after… Read More One More Day


Deep Breath

I’m plunging into another whirlwind week of work and homework. This weekend got very busy, and unfortunately blog updates will continue to be irregular – I’m just running out of time. I’ve had to choose between homework (top priority), working on writing/editing for the upcoming release, and the blog. The blog got the short end… Read More Deep Breath