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Book Review: Red Wolf

What the heck. I stopped doing book reviews a long time ago, and for good reasons. But this author needs more attention on her stuff because it’s good. Really, really good, and I want her to write more. So for purely selfish reasons…  Red Wolf is, so far, two novellas that are either science fiction… Read More Book Review: Red Wolf

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Review: Shorts N Stuff

I’m seriously behind in my reviews. For that matter, I’m behind in my reading. Well, reading of fiction. This summer in between writing Tanager’s Fledglings, art, life, and other stuff, I’ve been reading such scintillating material as Molecular Biology of the Cell: Fifth Edition. I’ve also got my biochemistry and invertebrate zoology books. So yes,… Read More Review: Shorts N Stuff


Unmessy Painting

I’ve been messing around with digital art again, since unburying my desk and freeing up my pentablet for use again. I need to work on my skills, but so far I’ve done two completely different things… Well, ok, the windows are similar!