Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Flick

The boy dragged the it of the broken branch laboriously through the damp sand. It made a fine writing surface, with the tide gone out. He could scratch in it to his heart’s content, and then when the waves came back, whatever he’d written would be erased. The same could not be said of paper.… Read More Odd Prompts: Flick

Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Deep Dive

A continuation of last week’s story bit.  *** Jimmy peered at the screens, his eyes flickering rapidly between them. He was too old to still think that hoping hard enough for something would make it real. He thought this, and then rolled his shoulders, trying to make it true. The tension in his frame was… Read More Odd Prompts: Deep Dive

Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Deep Dive

 “Shouldn’t it be a suit?”  “What?” He looked up from the wet surface of the dock to meet the other man’s eyes. “Jimmy?”  James Pietswach, Jimmy to all and sundry, was hanging over the rail and looking down at the man on the floating dock. “A suit. With, you know, arms and legs. At least… Read More Odd Prompts: Deep Dive

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  I was stuck on the primary writing, but still needed to do my daily wordcount. So here it is, all 705 words of flash fiction that I sat down and pulled out of my head.  Rusalka  He dipped his hand into the water, and lifted it slowly back out, letting the droplets fall straight… Read More Rusalka


The Mouse Climbs!

  The Violet Mouse is currently the top new release in short science fiction and fantasy reads.  I have the best readers. You guys are awesome! I’m so tickled this story is climbing up the ranks, and honestly, I never expected a short to do this well. I was hoping to give my long-suffering and… Read More The Mouse Climbs!

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New Release: The Violet Mouse

  It’s alive! The Violet Mouse is a story born out of conversations in molecular biology labs, and human nature, and, well…  You’ll see.  Sometimes the imagination of the reader is far better than anything I could write.  But you should start here, with The Violet Mouse.   

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Anthology Release Day!

  Happy Valentine’s to my readers! I present to you a dozen stories, rather than roses. Something makes me think you’ll like these better than dying flowers. High Fantasy romantic tales, every one of them.  The Hearts’ Enchantment is an anthology from Huntress press, and you can find it on Amazon now (not sure yet… Read More Anthology Release Day!