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  • Odd Prompts: The Holly and the Ivy

    Odd Prompts: The Holly and the Ivy

    A snippet from Special Delivery *** Bonnie found that walking down the long driveway to check the mail was a good way to get out of the house and stretch her legs every day. Her garden was dormant and peaceful under it’s light blanket of snow, but she was still restless. Six days a week,…

  • Odd Prompts: Gravel Drive

    Odd Prompts: Gravel Drive

    This is another snip of the WIP I’m calling Special Delivery for now.  *** John drove slowly up the winding drive, peering ahead of them with more than strictly necessary attention. The road wasn’t paved, but the center greenery had been neatly cut down, and recently, too. He steered around a puddle with a frown. …