And now, the days will get longer, the dark will draw back from the touch of the light, and my days will feel brighter and easier. The world turns and the sun stares down, and the stars glitter in the cold.  It’s not as bad as it’s been in the past, and frankly, February is… Read More Lightbringer

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Spring’s Arrival

There are flowers blooming, and the birds are singing their hearts out as I type this. I think spring has finally made an arrival. I have plants in the front hall waiting for me to have a moment to put them in the ground (later today, I hope). We went to Kentucky last week, where… Read More Spring’s Arrival


Spring Floods

Every spring the rains come, and the snow melts, and the low places flood and the brooks and streams rise… It was amazing to see it this week as the waters rose by 18 inches literally overnight. The other phenomenon I saw was the midday fog that comes over the snow on a warm spring… Read More Spring Floods


Greenhouse Chickens

Yesterday was a big day here on Stonycroft. We started the day with biscuits at 7, and from there we made a list of everything that needed to be done on the farm, and then set out on errands. Agway first, our local feed and seed store. Rabbit food, chicken food, and pig food for… Read More Greenhouse Chickens


Grampa’s Buzzys

The early blueberry bush is in bloom. The bees will pollinate this bush full of flowers and turn it into berries for us. The seedling apple behind the house is blooming, too. This tree sprang up from a dropped apple many years ago, it wasn’t cultivated at all, but it still has sweet fruit. Dad… Read More Grampa’s Buzzys