Curiosity Food

You know the saying. Well, I say that it’s because of starvation. Obviously, the way to keep alive is to feed the impulse.  So! Can I embed a funny story prompt? Or perhaps something that made me giggle out loud?


Reasonable Stocks

I just reread a comfort book. A Louis L’Amour called A Man Called Trent. That was the magazine version of a story he reworked into The Mountain Valley War for a Bantam paperback. There isn’t enough difference between the stories to matter much, though I’m sure there is more material in the paperback version. It… Read More Reasonable Stocks


Thinking out Loud

I think a lot. Recently, it’s been about life, more than the creative writing side of my brain, because I’m still in a transitional stage. I do plan to write about 2000 words today, however, because I need to kickstart the writing side of my brain. Last night we were talking about something, and I… Read More Thinking out Loud