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  • Eat This While You Read That: Cal Primer

    Eat This While You Read That: Cal Primer

    Most of the time when I contact an author, it’s about 4-6 weeks before their dish appears here. I try not to rush, I know what it’s like between writing and life and everything. I’d pinged Cal a while back, asking if she’d like to take part, and she was interested… and then I turned…

  • Empanadas and Bunuelos

    Empanadas and Bunuelos

    When I did the speech for Central American Food, I took treats in for my classmates. A sweet and a savoury, both were things that could easily be street fare, and could be eaten out of hand. They went over very well, and I thought it was worth the effort in making them. Left to…

  • Food Photography Challenges

    Food Photography Challenges

    I’ve been challenging myself with food photography this winter, while the weather is too miserable to get out and find my favorite subjects: bugs and flowers. Taking pictures of food presents a couple of challenges. The first is lighting. Natural light, as I’ve captured in the top photo of berries in sunlight from my kitchen…