Frayed Not

I’m a frayed knot.  In addition to being the punchline of a joke, that about sums up how I feel at the moment. There’s a lot of moving parts, and I am trying very hard to align all of them and frankly I keep failing at that. Which worries me, because my screwups have the… Read More Frayed Not


Silver Linings

  July is drawing to a close, and we have passed the halfway mark of 2020. This is going to be a year we all remember in different ways, for different reasons… but we will remember it. Memorable isn’t always a kind appellation.  I’m thinking about this as I am relaxed and happy and sleepy… Read More Silver Linings

healing, Musing


I’ve been reading an excellent book on psychotherapy on my lunchbreaks, and listening to my usual podcasts at work to fill in the time. Given that lunch is only 30 min, the reading is obviously moving slower, even if I do read quickly. But a combination of Tomasz Witkowski’s acerbic take on the, ah, art… Read More Coping


Creativity Amid Chaos

I was sitting here wondering what I could write about, when it dawned on me – slowly, and through a lot of clouds – that what I needed to write about was not writing. I have been acutely conscious that since sometime in, um, possibly January (in other words, all of this year) I have not… Read More Creativity Amid Chaos


Forcing Fiction

Or: How to Coax your Brain into Cooperating This is a two-part post, in which the parts are related, but different techniques will work best. Actually, different techniques will work for each person, since we’re all motivated uniquely. There are, however, some human commonalities that I can tap into which might help spark an idea…… Read More Forcing Fiction

Ethics and Morals


It’s my Monday over at According to Hoyt, and I wrote an essay on masks, humanity, and internet arguments. The arguments I’d been involved with online – this week one direct and personal, the other tangential and more amusing than stressful – reminded me of these masks we wear. It seems to me that when… Read More Unmasking