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  • Tanager’s Fledglings on Sale

    Tanager’s Fledglings on Sale

    You can pick up Tanager on sale for a dollar through Nov 30th.  Tanager’s Fledglings is my space opera with a puppy in it, and it was fun to write. I’m currently working on the second book in the planned trilogy, and have just been talking with an editor who was kind enough to tell…

  • Space Trader

    Space Trader

      I’ve been all over the map with my writing recently. I’m working very hard at writing daily – so far, it’s more like every other day, but that’s still progress. I’ve written short bits for prompts, and some on this, some on that… I sat down and looked at my list of unfinished projects…

  • Nearly There

    Nearly There

    As I type this, I’m uploading the manuscript for Tanager’s Fledglings… It needs to be checked on various devices (during which process we will find typos, they are inevitable!) before it’s ready to launch. I’m also thinking I might tweak the blurb a bit. This is what I have, what do you all think? Jem…