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Stolen Time

This weekend I managed some reading time. Yesterday, I managed some nature time. Feeding my soul tidbits to keep me going through this season in life where there is so much to be done, and so little time to do it in. Deadlines rushing up at you like a bull charging do tend to concentrate… Read More Stolen Time

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Busy makes it’s own problems. I like busy. But it does mean that I’m not focusing on everything at once. Actually, it’s probably good I’m not. That would be… distracting. I can multitask, but unlike the mental image of an octopus wielding objects with all eight arms, you should instead picture a figure sitting on… Read More MultiTasking

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You know what I mean – when there is so much that needs to be done, and such tight deadlines, that you feel your guts knot up into a giant stressball. You can’t sleep, you forget to eat until it’s so bad you’re weaving on your feet. You can’t focus, because your thoughts are racing in… Read More Stressball

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Day Monday, Monday… I know, it’s a late post. I’ve given up on trying to get them out at a set time – sometime during the day is going to have to be good enough. I’m enjoying the Geeky Kids vastly, but it leaves me with little time for the blog. And to be honest… Read More Muhn

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Needed: Time

I never have enough of it, it seems, and yet, I still manage to carve a little out for myself. Last night the First Reader and I did something together we’d never done before: we watched a movie. It was nice, relaxing at home with the Avengers and dinner. I really need to make times… Read More Needed: Time

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Database woes

I’m not going to blog much. I was trying to get a mirror-site set up for my business website last night, and inadvertently broke both sites… so that’s what I was fixing this morning. I think successfully. Maybe… >.< There is so much that goes into working for oneself. This week for me it will… Read More Database woes

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Now Departing…

From reality, naturally. Mirror-posted over at Mad Genius Club Do you need to research when writing a fantasy novel? Not only yes, but please, do! Far too many are written without any research at all, hinging on the author’s limited imagination and lavish dollops of magical interventions. First of all, resist the urge to use… Read More Now Departing…