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  • Tor Clarification

    Tor Clarification

    Tom Doherty has issued a statement from Tor regarding the subject I have discussed here over the last couple of days, namely, the unprofessional behaviour of one of their employees.  Tor employees, including Ms. Gallo, have been reminded that they are required to clarify when they are speaking for Tor and when they are speaking…

  • It’s not personal, it’s business

    It’s not personal, it’s business

    First off, I’m tired this morning. Had a wonderful weekend, and I really appreciate friends sharing their vacation with us, it made me feel like I’d gotten away from it all… mostly. Because  Peter and Dorothy are in the same industry, so we talked shop while we were touring the USAF museum and then later,…

  • Fear and Loathing at TOR

    Fear and Loathing at TOR

    Almost since the advent of the internet, there have been warnings about what to say – or not – on it. The internet is a vast and mostly public arena. Imagine, if you can, standing in Grand Central Station and screaming slurs at the top of your lungs, while the sane people standing near you…