Frayed Not

I’m a frayed knot.  In addition to being the punchline of a joke, that about sums up how I feel at the moment. There’s a lot of moving parts, and I am trying very hard to align all of them and frankly I keep failing at that. Which worries me, because my screwups have the… Read More Frayed Not

childhood, parenting

A Gross of Forks

“Can you buy a gross of forks? If it were just the two of us, that would last us about five lifetimes. With the kids, it’ll be lucky if it lasts us five years.” We were standing in the kitchen looking in the silverware drawer, where there is indeed a dearth of forks. I’d found… Read More A Gross of Forks


Rest In Place

I’ve been contemplating being content where we are, today. I’d been scrolling through Instagram admiring my cousin Charles’ wonderful photos of the Pacific Northwest, and missing it badly. It’s so beautiful, and after yesterday’s battle with the sun here in Ohio the idea of living with 300+ days a year cloud cover is actually appealing.… Read More Rest In Place


Thinking out Loud

I think a lot. Recently, it’s been about life, more than the creative writing side of my brain, because I’m still in a transitional stage. I do plan to write about 2000 words today, however, because I need to kickstart the writing side of my brain. Last night we were talking about something, and I… Read More Thinking out Loud