Lost Places

Wander the lost places, restless to the end.  over the hills to the mountains.  past the mountains to the seas.  there be dragons beyond a’guarding the World’s Edge. 


On the Road

  Traveling down to Kentucky with the First Reader today. Ostensibly it’s to visit family and give a little respite to a caregiver. However, I intend to milk it for all it’s worth. It’s rare, these days, I get to enjoy hours at a time in a small box-on-wheels with my Evil Muse. I have… Read More On the Road


Travels and Returns

First off: the Dayton area was hit with at least two tornadoes last night. We slept through it, and have power today. But a lot of people are dealing with chaos this morning. The tornadoes touched down in, and swept across, a very populated area. I don’t know much about it just yet, other than… Read More Travels and Returns


Traveling Lightly

I’m positively giddy at the moment. Not only am I taking a very special trip to Texas this week, but I’ve just finalized the arrangements for LibertyCon this coming summer… It’s going to be a great trip. You know, I’d planned to write a novel before LC came back around. That seems… unlikely. But it… Read More Traveling Lightly


Having Returned

to something resembling a normal schedule, I am happy to be able to look forward to what comes next. Which in this house is school starting. The trip to Oregon was fun, but a lot of traveling, as I did five flights in four days, along with a fair amount of driving. The high points… Read More Having Returned


Carrying On

The children and I are off on an airplane today. Given the length of our journey, I can’t say that we’re leaving on a jetplane, because it’s most likely one of the prop jobs. I sleep better on the noisy things, so that’s a good part. The less good part is that, well, I’m traveling… Read More Carrying On


Rest In Place

I’ve been contemplating being content where we are, today. I’d been scrolling through Instagram admiring my cousin Charles’ wonderful photos of the Pacific Northwest, and missing it badly. It’s so beautiful, and after yesterday’s battle with the sun here in Ohio the idea of living with 300+ days a year cloud cover is actually appealing.… Read More Rest In Place


A Traveling Woman

I’m off on another trip. The First Reader is staying home with the dog, but I’ll be back on Wednesday after having adventures! The blog is going to be spotty until Thursday, since I’m not taking my laptop along, just the tablet, and I’m not sure how well (or poorly, as the case may be)… Read More A Traveling Woman

Musing, Travel

1911 Miles

As I was rolling along on the final leg of my Spring Break Trip, I was musing about what I’d been able to do this week. I set out Monday evening, and got home Friday at noon, having traveled 1911 miles in between. We joke about wanting portals we can step through and instantaneously travel… Read More 1911 Miles

History, writing

The Silk Road

The silk road stories fire my imagination. It was the first time in human history that markets were no longer constrained to how far a person could walk in a day or two. The sheer doggedness of the traders who opened the various routes, the stories that are long forgotten, the hidden traces archaeologists sometimes… Read More The Silk Road


On the Road Again

We’ll be traveling in a few hours. I always hate this part. Today it is made worse by the weather. We get to drive through the blue, the pink, and the green…