Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Deep Dive

 “Shouldn’t it be a suit?”  “What?” He looked up from the wet surface of the dock to meet the other man’s eyes. “Jimmy?”  James Pietswach, Jimmy to all and sundry, was hanging over the rail and looking down at the man on the floating dock. “A suit. With, you know, arms and legs. At least… Read More Odd Prompts: Deep Dive

Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Shortly

This is going to be an exercise in writing very short. I have a deadline coming, and this won’t fit.  *** “Cor blimey.” The grimy little face wasn’t visible, but she could picture it streaked with mud already, despite the early hour. Under the layer of mud would be the too-pale skin of her young… Read More Odd Prompts: Shortly

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Space Dragon

Between the bulk of their own ship, and the vast formation of Others, which was slowly breaking apart and heading for them, it appeared out of the empty space. Streamers of light and not-light undulating in an eerie coherence, the vast body of it coruscating as it moved between them, the Bouler’s Dragon never even… Read More Space Dragon