I’m still on the road (presumably, since I’m scheduling this before I actually leave) but I thought I’d share some artwork here. Original pieces, unless otherwise noted, are for sale. Email me and make me an offer!


Art Update

I’ve been spring-cleaning today, getting into the nooks and crannies neglected while school was on. The dog has mysterious abilities to get her toys in the oddest places. But unless you want tips and tricks for deep cleaning with a dust allergy, it’s not an interesting or exciting process to blog about (or do). So… Read More Art Update

Ok here's what were gonna do


There will not be an ETWYRT post today. I’m apologizing, because I really thought I’d planned this well enough to work around the big exam today. I didn’t. Life has been a tsunami all week and I won’t know until tomorrow if I have escaped the undertow… so the food will happen Friday, maybe Saturday.… Read More Placeholder


Living Artfully

As I continue my year of creating art daily, I decided I’d put some of it here. For convenience’ sake, I’ve been posting them to a facebook album. It’s easy, quick, and most days it’s all I have energy for.


Dragon Tears

This is probably the most ambitious art project I’ve ever taken on. Maybe. But it’s made me happy to work on it at odd moments between really frustrating Linux assignments where we aren’t given vital information and… growllll So I art for relaxation and dive back into the fray. I know this isn’t good as… Read More Dragon Tears

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I left the exam this morning feeling dizzy and hollow. Part of that was not having remembered breakfast before I left the house. The rest was, well, this was the hard one. It’s all downhill from here. I’m really not up to blogging, but I wanted to share a wonderful post about Leigh Brackett, you… Read More Reeling

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Watercolored Snow

I’m still much more comfortable painting on skin, but I’m pleased with how this one came out. For one thing, I had an image in my head, and I got really darn close to reproducing it on paper. Which is strangely fulfilling. For another, this is an upwelling of missing my walks in the woods,… Read More Watercolored Snow