There are things in this world we must do. For me, that is a walk in the woods. I slowly go to pieces if I can’t get out there, preferably alone, and just… walk. I can feel the weight slipping off me, falling behind, and when I come out again I’m ready to face whatever… Read More Restoration


Trees & Color

All the colors of the trees are revealed at this time of year… what follows are photos from here in Ohio, and ones from previous autumns spent in New England. The time of color has almost passed, here, and I know from experience that New Hampshire will be almost bare of leaves, especially if there… Read More Trees & Color


walking in the woods

Free story!  Little Red and the Wolf-Man is available free on Amazon!  I am going to let you all enjoy the story, while I take my family out for a hike in the woods of Vermont today. I will be returning to a regular schedule on Thursday, so hang on, I know the blog isn’t… Read More walking in the woods