Work Weekend

So I have three days off from the day job, and my reaction was ‘goodie! I can do the other job!’ and maybe I’m broken, but this is what I mean when I say that…  I started my morning a little late, with the Mad Genius Club blog post, wherein I postpone the deadline for… Read More Work Weekend


Pace Yourself

I’m possibly the worst person conceivable to talk about pacing. No, no, not in my writing – although that is a matter of personal taste and mood. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a slowly unfurling work of great linguistic beauty and deeply evolved characters. Other times I want it full of action or I… Read More Pace Yourself

Musing, snow storm

Winter Falls Softly

Sitting here watching the snow fall outside, contemplating the upsides of having a day off, and nowhere pressing to go. Sure, we had plans. But if it keeps doing this we’re calling them off and staying in with tea and boardgames. And maybe make some cookies. There are recipes calling my name in the pantry.… Read More Winter Falls Softly