Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

What an exciting Family Day! We have three planned this summer, and the first one we spent taking the trip down to Manchester to see the FisherCats play. The girls did much better than I had hoped, sitting quietly and at least trying to watch the game. Juliet and Pippa had their little foam baseballs they were given on the way in the stadium autographed by a New Britain RockCats player (they are a Minnesota Twins feeder team). We were sitting just three rows of the field and right behind the bullpen for the away team. Everyone got a souvenier and lots of food, which I think meant more to them than the game itself 🙂

Phil was very tickled to be able to do this, he has fond childhood memories of going to ballgames with his Dad when he was a boy. The park was pretty, clean, and very friendly staff. Dad came down and joined us, too. He wasn’t able to be there for the beginning of the game, but we stayed to the end of the first game together and then started for home about 8:30. It was a doubleheader, and even thought the girls really wanted to see the fireworks, it would have been at least midnight – no way we were going to stay that late!

This morning the girls were playing baseball in the driveway with their foam balls ad a stick, so I guess the game must have left some impression, anyway!

I must rush off – still working on the costume for Hobo Phil. I’m off to dissect a swallowtail tux jacket!