Thanksgiving Day

As I write this I am on the road to family. We may stay down there over the weekend, if we don’t think we’ll wear Dorothy-Mom out. The dog and s at a sitter, because she and the family dog get wound up and might knock someone over. One daughter is at Grandma’s house, another is up at college with her sister visiting, so we only have the Little Man with us. In spite of the scattered family, they are all still with us. This is just a preview of years to come when the diaspora of children is complete. And then there will be grandchildren.

It’s a little strange to be going to the day with only a pie. I’m so used to the cooking for days that I wasn’t feeling like it was Thanksgiving until this morning when we piled into the car. It’s a three hour drive, so the First Reader and I will plot, and the boy will get bored.

But today is, after all, not about the feast. I can do that another day. Today is about resting, reflecting, and gathering up our blessings in a heap to remind us what we a thankful for.

A couple of my friends on social media have been posting daily thankfulness journals for some time now. Even though I don’t see them all the time when I do, they make me smile. We dwell too often on the negatives in life. Sucking on sour candies gives a permanent pucker and rots your teeth. Some days you need the savory to chew on and fill your belly. Being thankful fills up our souls.

I’m thankful for my family, as scattered as it is today. It’s a big family, and a loving one, and I’m so grateful for all of them, near and far. And I’m thankful that the First reader’s family took me in like they have.

The First Reader is thankful for having a wonderful wife, a good job that he enjoys, with n income to support the wife with. He is thankful that the youngest child is showing great improvement and bonding with him over games and electronics. He is grateful to have friends he could drop in on for coffee and conversation and they would be happy to have him.

The Little Man is thankful for life. (He is sitting in the back of the car playing a game on his tablet. He’s too young to appreciate the real blessings in life yet).

What are you thankful for?

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day

  1. I am thankful for a loving God who sent us a Savior; for my family, scattered as we are; for shelter from the elements; for our daily bread; for being able to stay in touch with family and friends via the internet; for a granddaughter who can do the heavy lifting when my back is wonky; that we are able to spend part of today with my mother and step-father. Now I need to go do some cooking, LOL! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  2. Excellent thoughts. Our family, too, is scattered today. Dear husband & I are relaxing at home here in Georgia. My parents are in Denver, leaving the human kitten behind in Kansas by himself (as he learns the necessity of going to work, even on days that his younger self could reserve for vacation). I learned he has chosen to borrow a vehicle and drive an hour to spend the afternoon with his godparents and their family, and our 90-year old great aunt. So I am doubly thankful that family is there to take him in, and that a 19-year-old boy cares enough about them to make the effort to go.

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