The Cat’s Palate

Inspector Gidget is ambivalent about wet catfood (she’ll only eat the gravy style with no solids) and turns up her nose at people food (even raw fresh salmon bits). I opened a tin of smoked oysters this morning and suddenly I had a cat trying to get on my lap (she doesn’t *do* laps, ever)and prodding me with a velvet paw.

I gave her the juice and she enjoyed it to the last drop!

This is not your elegant, suave cat, so you know.


2 responses to “The Cat’s Palate”

  1. Czarny eats only whatever he catches when he’s outside (mostly bugs), his dry cat food, and his treats (especially his treats). However, open a package of jerky and he’s right there.

    He’s the fifth cat in a row to show no particular interest in human food, much to our relief.

  2. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    And there is a Phantom of the Opera mask thing going on!