The Elusive Idea


I’ve been sitting here staring at a blank screen for far too long. I wound up leaning back in my chair staring at the mantel and thinking I really need to sew the Death of Rats a robe. 

I didn’t mean to have my office presided over by a bony rodent’s skeleton – especially not a naked one – but here he is, alongside the random selection of chemistry glassware gifted to me, a small Pokemon figure my daughters insisted I keep, and an old camera my father presented to me. It’s an eclectic mix, and I am sitting here staring at it waiting for inspiration to strike. So far all I have come up with is that I need to dust, and make robes for the rat. 

It’s not that there’s nothing on my mind. I’m sometimes a little envious of people who can answer honestly when asked ‘what are you thinking?’ with ‘oh, nothing at all.’ My brain is never that empty. Especially when I lay down to bed at night, needing to sleep, and my brain is whizzing around like squirrels in the throes of lovesick springtime. Then it won’t shut up, and I can’t get to sleep easily. Maybe I need to start my bedtime routine by saying ‘you must write something on your blog now.’ because evidently that’s the trick to turning the brain into mush. 

The First Reader leaned over my shoulder yesterday evening while I was at my computer, and asked ‘did you just open all those tabs? You’ve only been home and at your desk for a few minutes.” 

No, they were (mostly) open before. I was saving them so I could get someplace quickly. And in some cases, because I’m afraid I’ll lose track if I close them, but I don’t value them highly enough to make a bookmark of them… which is how I feel about blog topics. I’ll be at work, or driving, and a nice topic comes to me, but I don’t write it down, because maybe a better one will come along. But then it wanders off out of sight and I can’t find it when I sit down like this. I can remember where I was standing, and what I was doing (running infrared spectroscopy, a tedious task that allows my mind to wander) but not what the idea was. There’s a blank shaped like an idea in my memory. Argh! 

So do you think Death of Rats ought to have a black robe? Velveteen? I hate sewing satins. Let’s not do anything slippery. Besides, I think he’d be more natural looking in something rustic. 



7 responses to “The Elusive Idea”

  1. Beth Donovan Avatar
    Beth Donovan


  2. Kathleen Avatar


    And I see the picture of you behind all the glassware!

  3. I find it I don’t write something down down immediately, the idea vanishes. The Muses repo their idea. “Use it or lose it!” They kvetch.

    1. Kathleen Avatar

      I have the same problem. At times I’ve kept a notebook and pen next to my bed to catch those thoughts that would come to me in the middle of the night, but were gone when I woke up in the morning. (Now there is usually a tablet next to my bed.).

      1. I’ll be ensconced in writing a chapter,get an idea, then forget it before I finish the chapter. I’m a slow learner, I guess,

  4. LTC Ted Ung Avatar
    LTC Ted Ung

    Rajendra K. Pachauri wore a sort of Nehru-style jacket in emerald green I think would look well on DoR.

  5. I’d vote for velveteen, except that it will catch dust. Plain black cotton with a polished finish?