The End

Cedar Sanderson in Ohio
Looking for Rainbow’s End

When you are reading a novel, how important is the end to you? What’s a great ending you remember? What’s one that will make you toss the book and think ‘never reading that author again’? I’m getting to the very end of Pixie Noir, and I want to make it good for you, my readers!

For grins and giggles, here’s some ending lines from a few more-or-less random books on my shelf.

Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

“My word, I’m not even a hundred yet.”

Mickey Spillane’s The Deep

“Sergeant Hurd said, in a tired command voice, ‘nice going, Lieutenant.'”

Louis L’Amour’s Galloway

“But it was worth it because when I opened my eyes, Meg was there.”

James H. Schmitz’s The Witches of Karres

“‘Well,’ the captain muttered, heading hurriedly across the outer room towards the passage, ‘here we go again!'”

Margery Allingham’s More Work for the Undertaker

“It sounded ominously like Lugg.”