The First Haircut

As Dad was getting ready to travel to Paul’s wedding he asked me to trim his beard and hair for him. After I was done making him look as tidy as possible, I took a deep breath and …. Gave Johann his first haircut!

He’s so cute! He has very little hair, but it was getting really long in the back. Now he’s neat and looking more boy-like than babyish.

I don’t think he’s even noticed, but his sisters had. Well, speaking of that, they are off on the bus and Pippa is sitting on the floor playing. Time for me to make breakfast for Phil and I and get started on the day. The Halloween show still needs work, and I have office work to do as well.


One response to “The First Haircut”

  1. Lovely ‘do! He looks like the Little man he is!! Great job Cedar! Should have taken one of Dad too.