The Mouse Climbs!


The Violet Mouse is currently the top new release in short science fiction and fantasy reads. 

I have the best readers. You guys are awesome! I’m so tickled this story is climbing up the ranks, and honestly, I never expected a short to do this well. I was hoping to give my long-suffering and patient fans something to remember me by until I got the novel prepped and ready by the end of the year.

Now, I have to go do more editing so I can get that into reality. There’s more to the business of writing than just telling a story and I’m buoyed up by this level of support of my work. 

thank you thank you thank you! 


8 thoughts on “The Mouse Climbs!

    1. It is the end. I didn’t intend to resolve it because it would be impossible. There are too many options. The reader is intended to be provoked into thought.

      It’s not something I would do with a novel. The Lady or the Tiger? Ending is only possible in a short, and as this was written to be horror, I can do it. Otherwise I’d have to resolve something.

      1. Got it. I really love the lab gremlins book, so maybe that affected my expectations. For what it’s worth, nothing signalled lady and the tiger to me. Don’t get me wrong: I am absolutely sucked into the story. That’s why th coitus interruptis (sp?) was all the worse for it. No worries: I won’t post any of this convo to Amazon (or anywhere else). I could be completely full of baloney (This *has* happened).

        But I wish you well, and not just because there are Tanager AND lab gremlins sequels hanging.

        1. I’m not worried about it. Not every story (or ending) is going to make people happy. Snow in Her Eyes made a dear friend sad enough to warrant a one-star (death of a child).

          And there are sequels to both in the works. If you see the sidebar -> on the blog, you’ll note progress bars for some of my WIPs. I’m focused on Hatrack and Ragnarok, but TF will be the next up, and we are already hashing out plot. It’s the eternal story – do I put in action, and potentially sacrifice setting and character building? Do I try for the whole trifecta? Do I just let the story unravel on it’s own? Ahhhhhh! LOL

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