The New House

We went over to the new place today, and I finally got the photos of the inside I’ve been promising. Not a lot, since we were more interested in documenting issues (we’re renting, and a record of what it looked like when we moved in is important) and measuring rooms prior to hauling furniture. Since this house is very close to where we are currently living, the plan is to move slow and easy, a bit at a time, until we’re all the way in – we’ve allowed a month, but I’m hoping to be settled by Thanksgiving to have the feast there!

The kids were very excited about the new house, as was the dog (she gets the freedom of the fenced yard). They wanted to explore the wooded hill behind the house but I asked them to wait until we were there when it wasn’t getting dark. The house still needs a bit of work before we’re all ready to move in – cleaning, mostly, as it’s cobwebby and musty.  I have my work ahead of me. And later today, a final exam for Botany, which means I’ll have my Thursday’s off, and Tuesday until 6 pm.

I’m so looking forward to going back to country life.

The view from the driveway, of the hayfield across the road. I can live with sunrises like this… and I’m sure there will be deer in this field!
The front view of the house, and the garage. It was built in 1919, and it’s got character. Which is why we’re not considering making an offer on it later! But for this transition year it will be perfect for us.
The Otaku Princess immediately claimed her spot for reading.
View of the kitchen – and back door – from the pantry. There’s room in the pantry for washer, dryer, freezer, and food storage! I’m excited about that.
Looking into the kitchen from the dining room. The Jr Mad Scientist added for scale. Behind her is an island, so this will be a great kitchen for cooking and hanging out in.
The resident spider. He’s out in the garage.
Sanford’s Man-Cave. He’ll have a lot of work to do out here to get his space set up just so. But he’ll have room to work, and we can put one car up snug and dry.


10 responses to “The New House”

  1. sub.spike Avatar

    It should be “we can put MY car up snug and dry.” Ladies should get the extra comfort on the cold mornings.

  2. The conversation has been along the lines of ‘who has to leave first?’ because I’ve never had a garaged car, and OH winters are nothing like NH winters!

  3. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    And the answer to what caliber for giant spiders, (rustling of paper) the answer is JDAMs, lots and lots of JDAMs.
    “Why are you shining that target designator on the garage of that house a couple of miles away?”
    “Just wait, and put these earplugs in your ears.

    Looking forward to the after move in photos!

    1. John in Philly Avatar
      John in Philly

      Please imagine that I remembered to put quotation marks after ….ears.” Sigh.

      1. Eh, it’s wordpress. We all do it. Moving is going to take a while, although I’m already making progress today. I have to remind myself I do have a class >.<

  4. Nice house. Congrats on finding a place before the holidays.

    I love that kitchen. Counter space, yes lots of counter space, and the dark wood is very nice.

    1. the counter space is wonderful. I’m reveling in ideas of what I want to cook first.

  5. Reality Observer Avatar
    Reality Observer

    Odd – all that comes up for me is the photo of the hayfield and the resident spider… Just the captions for the rest of your pictures.

    1. Reality Observer Avatar
      Reality Observer

      Never mind – WordPress delenda est. Refreshing the page didn’t work, but as soon as I posted the comment, there they were. Sigh.

      1. Weird. And yes, probably WordPress. Or my website host.

        I need to write a post today. I just dunno about what – I refuse to visit politics.