The New Schedule and other Housekeeping

Now that I am both recovered from traveling and have begun school again, it’s time to address the blog. I’d decided a while back I wasn’t going to be able to keep up the daily schedule if I was going to write fiction productively. So in 2016 there will be a new blog schedule, as follows:

Saturday: Mad Genius Club essay for writers and those interested in the publishing industry. If you want me to link that here, let me know, but I suspect most of my readers are already familiar with it.

Monday: Essays on whatever takes my fancy. Since I’m doing the MGC, I won’t hold Mondays aside for writing discussion, but as my whimsy takes me.

Wednesday: Eat This While You Read That, for the next few months. I’m not sure when I will run out of authors, or if. I had hoped to make it to 52 ETWYRT posts and I currently have 49 names on the list, both complete and upcoming recipes. After that ends, we will see what happens.

Friday: Curmudgeon’s Corner, every other Friday. Or as he gives me essays. On days I don’t have one from him, a review of a book or something.

Sunday: this won’t be a regular thing, but I still have recipes I like to do that aren’t assigned by an author. So when I have one I want to share, it will go here.

Now, if and when I have the new novel completed, I will do a 10-12 week run-up of snippets, as I usually do. I don’t think that will be before March, though. I’ve been incredibly slow. And I may do art posts from time to time (I am still working on Inktail & Friends, will update on that soon). So there may be weeks when I post every day, but the actual schedule for now is MWF for those of you who don’t subscribe to have it land in your email when I post.

I had been asked a few times to do something with my art – not prints, I’m working on prints – like put it on t-shirts or coffee mugs. Yesterday I finally started to set that up, and you can find the CafePress shop at the top of the page on the menu, or click here. I have four or five pieces of art converted for putting on products, but here’s the thing: it’s a tedious process. If you, my dear reader, want to see a piece of my art as graphic design, let me know and I will make it happen. Otherwise, I’m not going to put that much time in making everything I paint/draw/what-have-you into product design.

Prints are coming. I’ve ordered special paper for making archival-quality art prints and will be testing it shortly. I am shopping for a print-quality printer that will enable me to create my own prints, after having looked for an outsource printer that wouldn’t have been a total PITA to work with and a huge investment up front in products I wasn’t sure I could sell. I love that people want to buy my work. I hesitate because, well, I don’t think I’m that good yet. I’m working on it. So for now I will be creating individual prints on demand, unless it’s a large-format, and then I will set it up through DeviantArt. It’s complicatedPixie for Hire Cover final, but that’s on my end. My goal is to present customers with simple options and affordable ones.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t already seen it, there is now an Omnibus version of the Pixie for Hire trilogy available, all three books in one place and dirt-cheep for three novels.

Want to know more? Questions? Comments? Kvetching? Put it in the comment box and I’ll check back later to reply. Right now I have homework. The beauty of online classes is I can do it on my terms and my time.


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  1. Reality Observer Avatar
    Reality Observer

    OK, now I know what to put on my birthday wish list…

    No, as far as I’m concerned, you don’t need to link an MGC post over here. The Mad Geniuses are at the top of the morning blog check anyway. (Actually, yours is third, behind According to Hoyt. Hope you don’t mind.)

    1. I don’t mind, I have a morning blog list as well and sometimes don’t check mine at all 😉