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The Prompt Challenge


This begins week 18 of the Odd Prompts challenge. I’ve been having a ton of fun with it, as any of you who have been enjoying the Case of the Perambulating Hatrack along with me can attest. But I’m not the only one working on that challenge and blog. I’ve been aided and abetted most ably by ‘Nother Mike, Fiona Grey, and Misha Burnett when they can. All of us have busy lives, so it delights me that they volunteered to help with the prompts. 

Prompted writing is a useful tool in overcoming that doldrum of ‘what to write next?’ and it is really fun to see what other minds develop of a kernel you gave them to sprout out and grow. I realized that a writing challenge wouldn’t be for everyone, so I made the prompts more universal – you could respond with art, writing, anything, really. And people have. It’s inspiring to see. 

You’re welcome to submit a prompt yourself – if you’d like to be included in the challenge, you may just drop an evocative line or two to If you don’t know that you’ll have time this week, send in a prompt with ‘spare’ in the subject line and we’ll include it in the Spare Prompts section. If you’d like to be attributed there, let us know! 

And as ever, I have to run off and do something else. But I’ll leave you with a link to MOTE, where the prompt challenge is waiting for you. 

Join us! The words are fine.