The Squeaks Caper

A few years ago, at the height of the nonsense, a friend was sad. Heck, the world was sad. Lawdog, like me, has a bit of the clown in him, so he was doing his part to entertain and amuse the world at large.  I was doing art every day, and he’d been posting funny stories about his dogs doing battle with errant chickens. I drew that, to amuse him, because I know well the difficulty of being a cheery person when you aren’t feeling it yourself. To both of our astonishment, it was suggested we make his stories and my art work together in a book. We did, and were taken aback at how well it sold. 

Shall we do it again? I asked, and he said something to the effect of ‘hell yes!’ 

Four books later, we present to you The Squeaks Caper.

This is a pair of stories from Lawdog’s childhood in Nigeria in the 1970’s. One of the two, which I have dubbed the Goat of Justice, and he refers to as “Law and Order: Special Goat Crimes” has never before appeared in print. Both of them are fully illustrated, and as you may have come to expect, there are also accompanying illustrations of Nigerian flora and fauna to fill in any gaps. Because I can. In addition, there are two sections where I’ve put in full-spread illustrations. Wait until you see the bonus at the end! 

It’s available in ebook, for your reading enjoyment as a comic book, and in paperback, where it can be colored in if that’s your thing. As alway, child-friendly with parental supervision! 



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  2. Roger Ritter Avatar
    Roger Ritter

    And including a new Lawdog story? Yay! Bought it immediately.

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  4. Bought.