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There was a delay

Yes, yes, this is slightly more than a mere delay.

It was an interesting day. And then I was in class for eight hours. Which was more interesting toward the end while we were dissolving limestone in acid. I do have pictures, but until sometime tomorrow, I also have computer issues (ok, might be longer than that).

I’d write more, but I suspect that very few of you (I know better than to say none) are interested in why Wet Chemistry is still a vital part of the increasingly-instrumental and computer driven world of Analytical Chemistry. That, and a fair bit of today was review of stoichiometry and the constant calculations of reaction equations, and well, it’s pretty dry for something called wet chemistry.

I still enjoy the heck out of labs, though, and I suspect I always will. It’s fascinating to watch the process unfold as you follow the “recipe” of lab notes given. Even more so when you know what reactions are happening, and why. Today’s experiment involved slowing a reaction down in order to prevent it from forming a colloidal solution. But another part of what makes labs great is getting to talk to your classmates. There’s only nine of us in this class, and while some of us have been together for two years, others are new. Makes for fun, free-wheeling conversations. Today we ranged from hot sauce (I am making some and giving it to those who like that sort of thing, connected to ETWYRT) to body disposal (drano was mentioned) to the word effervescence and how it makes us feel to say it.

Yeah. This is why school is grand. I will ignore the 800-lb gorilla behind the door with OChem written sloppily on his chest.

Tomorrow, watch this space for some great deals on reading material as we roll out the 2nd Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale.


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  1. There was never much risk I’d do it professionally, but chem was always my favorite science. 🙂

  2. Reality Observer Avatar
    Reality Observer

    With a solid grounding in I, O is not that bad. It’s when it segues into B that your bill for C goes through the roof. (I took one look at that, realized that I wasn’t going to be the one to figure out the process for Herbert’s “spice,” and decided to do something else with my next fifty or so years).